David Nathan is a promising, upcoming talent, who has been interested in magic for many years.

His love for the art of magic started when he received a magic kit for his sixth birthday. Being able to pull a plastic rabbit from a hat and to guess the number of pips on a dice that his first audience had in mind, was an enchanting experience. It did not take long for him to know that he wanted to be a magician for a living.

Just before his tenth birthday, he expanded his collection of magic tricks by visiting a shop specialized in such objects. On his actual birthday, he unpacked his first professional magic kit. In the same year, he joined a club of magicians and held his first "real" performance for a group of friends and family. The first step towards a career in magic had been taken.

It is not surprising that David has won several prizes. In 2012, when only 13 years old, he was awarded the 3rd prize at the Dutch national magical championships. Two years later, he won the 1st prize at the NMU (Dutch Magical Union) New Year's competition. During this event he competed with several adult colleagues. In 2016, he auditioned for a competition in Lyon, France. As the organization considered it interesting to have an international competitor on stage, David was accepted. He won, and took home the Prix Yves Doumergue.

David keeps developing his acts and shows in a original way, while simultaneously creating brand new magic. When he produces new acts, he not only works with a specific theme but also draws inspiration from other creative magicians. His biggest source of inspiration is Hans Klok, with whom he has been in contact since 2009. Hans has helped David with developing a new magic act. In return David taught Hans a few moves for a new act in the latter's show. This reveals how great David's talent is.

His future dreams? Touring the Dutch theaters with his own comedy magic show, and eventually becoming world champion.
At this point, David Nathan performs regularly throughout the Netherlands, and occasionally in Belgium and France. Already many companies have had the pleasure of booking David. To quote Hans Klok: "Keep an eye on this guy!"

 ‘One of the biggest talents of this moment’ – Hans Klok 

 ‘Very original.’ – Ger Copper